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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life , Death and Forgiveness

Time at the cemetery is always calming to me.  I also come away many times 
learning something about life...

I came across a young woman who needed help finding the headstone of her father.
She was mad at him so she did not go to his funeral...her guilt is something that she
will now carry with her forever...

I was surprised at how many processions happened during the time I spent at the cemetery.
 (I believe I counted 6 during my time there.)

I stopped and offered to take a family photo of the whole family at the cemetery. The 
pure look of appreciation in the Mother's eyes said it all. I also made sure I visited a few 
other important headstones.
A few photos can mean so much to another person-

You can find beauty even when death surrounds you...

So my "Life Lessons" I learned (or remembered) yesterday:

  • It is important to realize that the small things can mean so much to someone else...
  • Learn to Forgive before it is too late...
  • Slow down and look at life around you...It can be quite calming.

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